Me and my piggies!

Hello. My name is Romy and I am seven years old. I am home educated. I love guinea pigs. This is my blog about my six piggies and what they get up to. I am doing it all by myself.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

poor pigs :0(

Two wecks ago mac died. Daddy found him in his cage and mummy told me wen I woke up. We don't know why he died. he wasn't even two years old. Here is a lovely picture my uncle took of him.

Willo died too. he wos poorly and he died on daddys nee :0( We don't know what was wrong with him either. We took him too the vets but he died anyway. Even though he had some medisin and speshal food.

We went to a shop to buy some photo frames to put pics of the pigs in. We have had 8 piggy winks all together so there are two frames of four. Here i am holding them up. My mummy did their names in caligrafy so they look reelly nice. We only have three piggies left now. Toby, Scrappy and Frosty. Toby is in his own cage and the other two are together.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

poor piggy

On tuesday toby (the chocolate one) had a fit for half an hour. His eyes rolled and he squirmed about. He then was completely fine. During the fit we thought we were going to lose him :( We were very upset. I was so upset that I cried :( .

Today my uncle (Stephen) and his girlfriend(Emma) came round. Me and Emma put pony tails on Mac using pretty ribbons.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Each pig update.

Sorry about the delay but I haven't written on here for ages. Here is an update on each pig.

Willow: Willow has developed a big poorly on his back. He has been having fits but he has stopped now. He had four injections to get mites away which were causing the fits. He got the poorly from the mites too and he has been given some pink stuff to stop him scratting so much. He needs two dabs per day. He looks quite sorry for himself because all his fur has dropped out on his back too :o( He is getting better now though and it is starting to grow back :o)

Scrappy: Here is Scrappy with Willow (who looks much better from the front!) It looks like you get 'buy one get one free' guinea pigs because of the newspaper, lol. Scrappy has been very screamy. We try and pick him up so that he likes being picked up but he just screams like he's being murdered and tries to bite us. If he can't bite us he bites his own leg! He is like a ferral pig :o( I picked him up for a photo but he wasn't too pleased! Here it is:

Toby: We bought the guinea pigs a pigloo. It is like a little extra house for them. Toby likes hiding in it because sometimes he and Willow don't get on. Here's a picture of the pigloo (but I think Willow was in it at the time!)
Toby has been very quiet as usual. He is always so lovely. His teeth have been fine for ages now. They used to keep falling out and then growing too long. I love Toby.

Frosty: Here is a photo of Frosty stealing our food when we had a picnic. He is leaning on my finger so that he can reach the cucumber! He is the bravest pig I have ever had. Even though we are about a thousand times bigger than him he runs straight up to us even when we're walking. He might get trodden on one day!! He doesn't really like being picked up though. He is a free spirit :o) He also 'weep weeps' the loudest I have ever heard. It is almost nearly deafening! He makes more noise by biting his water bottle for hours at a time. It drives us mad :o(

Mac: Because of his long fur Mac has been very mucky, so he had a bath. Mummy put shampoo and then conditioner on him so now he is silky soft!! Here is a funny picture I took of him with a dog and a unicorn on top of him. He's so cute.

Mac still isn't allowed to be with the others. He fights them. He lives with Frosty though who he loves very much. It's funny really because he is so nasty to the others but he lets Frosty be in charge!! He looks so soft and gentle though, you wouldn't believe he could be nasty.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weird water pig.

The other night I got my Barbies out and Frosty, who is very very very very brave came up to my Barbie sandpit and was drinking from it (I put some water in it!) Here he is quenching his thirst:
"Hmmm. I want to go for a swim" he says. Here he is getting in:
"Come on in. The water's lovely!"
He has got out now "Brrr, too cold. I still fancy another drink though. The drips from this boat will do."
A couple of months ago we got out the other cage and put Mac and Frosty in it. They now live on top of the other cage which has Willow, Toby and Scrappy in it. This was because they were still fighting; especially Willow and Mac. For some reason they just can't get on. Now it's much calmer, but today we've let them out together and it's chaos. A minute ago it looked like Mac was saying to Willow "Please can you let me into your cage? I'm hungry and thirsty." And Willow was saying "No, you can't come in. It's my cage." They were chattering their teeth at each other.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Vee Eee Tee for Mac.

Mac didn't know what was coming yesterday, because he was going to get neutered because he was fighting everyone else, especially Willow. Mac fighted Willow once and Willow hid behind my dolls house and made a little home there using Daddies socks as pillows that had fallen off the radiator. He kept picking them up with his teeth and arranging them into a comfy pile ;o)

When Mac came home from the vet he looked very different. He was all swollen up with big stitches. The swollen up bits will go away and the stitches will dissolve. I just want it to come now because I'm not picking him up when he's like that.

Hopefully now he won't fight anymore and life will be peaceful :o)

Just now Tilly got Scrappy while he was going up the ramp. She nudged him with her mouth open and it looked like she was going to swallow him whole!! Was it Scrappy or was it Mac? Hmmm....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Toby!!

It's Toby's Birthday today. He is one year old!! I made him a birthday cake. I bet no other guinea pigs would have a birthday cake on their birthday. I bet they would just be sitting in a hutch with the same old food as usual.

Here is my recipe:
1 carrot (grated)
1/2 cucumber (sliced)
Handful of dandelion leaves (chopped)
Banana + skin (chopped)
To garnish - stick of cucumber as the candle :o)

Here is me preparing all the ingredients:


Toby having a first sniff (he gets first go as it's his birthday.)


Then we gave everyone else some but we had to lock Mac out because he was too naughty. He kept trying to attack Toby. We do not want him to attack him because it is his birthday. He should have been grateful that Toby was sharing his birthday cake!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pig shenanigans and weight.

Toby is better now. Because he was very scabby he was stressed because everybody else was fighting. He went to the vet and had threee injections.

The guinea pigs seem to have learnt their lesson from it. They are not fighting much anymore. Mac and Willow still hate each other though! I think that is because they both love little Frosty and are fighting over him. Either that or they are thinking who's boss and who has got the longest fur :o)

Here are the guinea pig's weights:
Toby: 1kg (+100g!!)
Mac: 775g (+100g)
Willow 1325 (-5g)
Frosty: 700g (+100g)
Scrappy: 700g (+80g)

Toby is my favourite, but don't tell any of the others. Because he is lovely, gentle, he'll let you pick him up and he loves me :o)