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Hello. My name is Romy and I am seven years old. I am home educated. I love guinea pigs. This is my blog about my six piggies and what they get up to. I am doing it all by myself.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pig shenanigans and weight.

Toby is better now. Because he was very scabby he was stressed because everybody else was fighting. He went to the vet and had threee injections.

The guinea pigs seem to have learnt their lesson from it. They are not fighting much anymore. Mac and Willow still hate each other though! I think that is because they both love little Frosty and are fighting over him. Either that or they are thinking who's boss and who has got the longest fur :o)

Here are the guinea pig's weights:
Toby: 1kg (+100g!!)
Mac: 775g (+100g)
Willow 1325 (-5g)
Frosty: 700g (+100g)
Scrappy: 700g (+80g)

Toby is my favourite, but don't tell any of the others. Because he is lovely, gentle, he'll let you pick him up and he loves me :o)


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