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Hello. My name is Romy and I am seven years old. I am home educated. I love guinea pigs. This is my blog about my six piggies and what they get up to. I am doing it all by myself.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Toby!!

It's Toby's Birthday today. He is one year old!! I made him a birthday cake. I bet no other guinea pigs would have a birthday cake on their birthday. I bet they would just be sitting in a hutch with the same old food as usual.

Here is my recipe:
1 carrot (grated)
1/2 cucumber (sliced)
Handful of dandelion leaves (chopped)
Banana + skin (chopped)
To garnish - stick of cucumber as the candle :o)

Here is me preparing all the ingredients:


Toby having a first sniff (he gets first go as it's his birthday.)


Then we gave everyone else some but we had to lock Mac out because he was too naughty. He kept trying to attack Toby. We do not want him to attack him because it is his birthday. He should have been grateful that Toby was sharing his birthday cake!


  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger Nikki said…

    Hello Romy! We hope Mac is feeling calmer now after being neutered. Lots of love, Emily & Nikki xxx


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