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Hello. My name is Romy and I am seven years old. I am home educated. I love guinea pigs. This is my blog about my six piggies and what they get up to. I am doing it all by myself.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Vee Eee Tee for Mac.

Mac didn't know what was coming yesterday, because he was going to get neutered because he was fighting everyone else, especially Willow. Mac fighted Willow once and Willow hid behind my dolls house and made a little home there using Daddies socks as pillows that had fallen off the radiator. He kept picking them up with his teeth and arranging them into a comfy pile ;o)

When Mac came home from the vet he looked very different. He was all swollen up with big stitches. The swollen up bits will go away and the stitches will dissolve. I just want it to come now because I'm not picking him up when he's like that.

Hopefully now he won't fight anymore and life will be peaceful :o)

Just now Tilly got Scrappy while he was going up the ramp. She nudged him with her mouth open and it looked like she was going to swallow him whole!! Was it Scrappy or was it Mac? Hmmm....


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