Me and my piggies!

Hello. My name is Romy and I am seven years old. I am home educated. I love guinea pigs. This is my blog about my six piggies and what they get up to. I am doing it all by myself.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Each pig update.

Sorry about the delay but I haven't written on here for ages. Here is an update on each pig.

Willow: Willow has developed a big poorly on his back. He has been having fits but he has stopped now. He had four injections to get mites away which were causing the fits. He got the poorly from the mites too and he has been given some pink stuff to stop him scratting so much. He needs two dabs per day. He looks quite sorry for himself because all his fur has dropped out on his back too :o( He is getting better now though and it is starting to grow back :o)

Scrappy: Here is Scrappy with Willow (who looks much better from the front!) It looks like you get 'buy one get one free' guinea pigs because of the newspaper, lol. Scrappy has been very screamy. We try and pick him up so that he likes being picked up but he just screams like he's being murdered and tries to bite us. If he can't bite us he bites his own leg! He is like a ferral pig :o( I picked him up for a photo but he wasn't too pleased! Here it is:

Toby: We bought the guinea pigs a pigloo. It is like a little extra house for them. Toby likes hiding in it because sometimes he and Willow don't get on. Here's a picture of the pigloo (but I think Willow was in it at the time!)
Toby has been very quiet as usual. He is always so lovely. His teeth have been fine for ages now. They used to keep falling out and then growing too long. I love Toby.

Frosty: Here is a photo of Frosty stealing our food when we had a picnic. He is leaning on my finger so that he can reach the cucumber! He is the bravest pig I have ever had. Even though we are about a thousand times bigger than him he runs straight up to us even when we're walking. He might get trodden on one day!! He doesn't really like being picked up though. He is a free spirit :o) He also 'weep weeps' the loudest I have ever heard. It is almost nearly deafening! He makes more noise by biting his water bottle for hours at a time. It drives us mad :o(

Mac: Because of his long fur Mac has been very mucky, so he had a bath. Mummy put shampoo and then conditioner on him so now he is silky soft!! Here is a funny picture I took of him with a dog and a unicorn on top of him. He's so cute.

Mac still isn't allowed to be with the others. He fights them. He lives with Frosty though who he loves very much. It's funny really because he is so nasty to the others but he lets Frosty be in charge!! He looks so soft and gentle though, you wouldn't believe he could be nasty.